What’s Best – To Buy Chicks or Incubate Them Yourself?

So which way is the best? Buy chicks from a commercial hatchery or local livestock feed store or incubate them yourself? As someone who has done both many times, I'd say what works best in your situation at the time. To decide what would work best for you, lets look at the pros and cons …

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Livestock’s Temperament Determines Economic Success

I was in high school and dad and I were working sheep in the tall wooden corrals near the ranch house. I swore those woolly beggars were insane. We couldn't move slow and quiet enough to keep them from bashing themselves against the solid fence in their attempt to escape. When thy failed, they ran headlong at us. I wasn't worse who was going to get hurt worse, us or them. Research has found that temperament determines economic success or setback in a livestock operation - even a hobby farm.