COVID -19 Virus, Lessons Learned

The virus has been the talk lately and it has hit our state but then it has hit 49 states and most of the world. The stuff moves fast. Because I have a daughter-in-law with a mind like mine and another daughter also, I get the scoop. Even the scoop about how the little retirement community near us, where the virus first hit in our state and how it is set up to handle the situation. It isn’t a bright picture. The hospital could easily become over-run.

Though this virus won’t cause serious damage to most, it still will have a huge impact on the economy. In part because of the panic but a great deal also because as individuals we are not prepared. This virus will run its course – ready or not. I understand why the authorities are trying to slow the spread as there is a limit on the number of medical personnel and equipment to treat the seriously ill. The communities surrounding us are of an aged population. It will be a wild ride.

BUT the best defense would have been a good offense. It is a virus and thus can not be killed. You can’t stop it. You can only guard against it. Protection comes in the form of a body that has a strong immunity to fight it off.

Scientist are hoping the warmer weather this summer will slow the spread to give facilities time to prepare for the surge they expect in the fall. That is the course for the other viruses in this category. This one, well, we shall see. But this virus is not going away. If you look at the list of viruses that have impacted the world over the years, you see a pattern. Dig deeper and you will see a list of viruses the scientist are watching mutate. Ones they think will be the next to infect the human population.

What does that mean for us? It means this virus is just on a list of ones that we, the human population, have contracted and will contract in the future. An ever growing list of viruses that plague the human population each year but we rarely hear about on the news stand. Very few would get sick if we didn’t eat junk and our good food hadn’t decreased rapidly in nutrition over the years from poor soil. The problem isn’t the viruses or disease, the problem is we ignore our health. We ignore our soil. One virus they are looking at to mutate into the human population next is really scary. We can’t stop them, we can keep them from destroying us.

They can trace all poor mental and physical health to nutrition. There is an epidemic in both areas. It is a huge economic burden. The ball is in our court. What are we as individuals going to do? That is the area I’m concentrating my thoughts on. While I watch the community panic and clear the shelves. The store I was in last night is plum wiped out. While I listen to people rant on Facebook about leaving (diaper wipes) for those with infants, I have to giggle a little. I used a set color of wash clothes to wipe my kid’s tushes and cloth diapers. Oh the howls if we had to go back to that! We are spoiled and wasteful.

The point is change is hard, but life changes. This virus is nastier than what we have dealt with for a while. We need to prepare. It isn’t going away and what comes next might be even worse especially if we don’t change. We need to build our immune systems in order to fight this virus and those to come. We need to change before we are forced to or are slammed with dire consequences.

As the world whirls in chaos, we need to look hard at our situation. Are we one of the five Virgins who were not prepared physically, mentally, and economically? There will be shortages because the world’s trade is interrupted. Large financial upheavals are and will take place. Life will not be the same after this virus. But will it be better or worse? Isn’t that in part up to us? People profit during a disaster. Some off of others and some because they learn important lessons. Others choose to wallow in misery. Who are we?

I’ve been one of the five Virgins in the Bible who did not keep her lamp full and trimmed. I have allowed my cup to run empty. I have allowed others to take more than we should have given. I have allowed others to become dependent on us. I have not been watchful. Prayerful of our situation has brought inspiration that has prompted me to buy an item and then a week or two later the shelves are cleared of it. I have been told many many things that need to changes in our lives in time management, delegating, eating habits, in what and how we grow, how to preserve the food, and most of all how to become more independent. Now the Lord is waiting to see if I act upon all things instructed. If I do  he will speak more often because I’m listening.

Our church has world-wide suspended the gathering to worship of large groups on Sunday at meeting houses. We will gather as families and in small groups in our homes and have our own worship time under their guidance. They have been preparing us for just such a time helping us to become more spiritually independent. They are encouraging us to look heavenward for individual counsel.

Life is about change, if we learn from it, it can be a change for the better.

Opportunity has been presented to look deeply at our lives. What do we need to do differently? How can we become more independent spiritually, physically, and health wise? We need to stand apart from the world in its ever spirally downward trend. “We need to be the change we want to see in the world.”



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